Flow velocity measurements in a gas turbine engine

The proposed project aims to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in the next generation of aircraft engines.  Better aerodynamics, higher efficiency and reduced weight are possible by improving the performance of the core engine components (ie. Compressor, combustor and turbine).  Advances in the understanding of the flow field are needed to achieve this goal.  Velocity measurements will be conducted in a Pratt and Whitney Canada (P&WC) test facility using the Laser Doppler Velocimetry technique to map velocity and turbulence distributions at various locations and engire operating conditions.  The accuracy of computational predictions will be assessed against these measurements.  Various approaches to improve the stall margin will be proposed and evaluated.  The aerospace industry is a key sector of the Canadian economy, in terms of dollar value, engineering innovation and the employment of many highly-skilled workers.  The proposed project will help maintain the competitiveness of P & WC’s products, by enabling their designs to meet or exceed performance and environmental targets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Eric Savory


William Lin


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


Western University



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