FOCI and its Implementation in Industry

Geo-X Processing, Divestco Inc., a Canadian seismic processing contractor, is seeking to enter a new segment of the market, the so-called “depth imaging” market, by Q3 2007. The company is currently developing a comprehensive suite of depth imaging algorithms aimed at competing in the above market, but currently lacks a certain sophisticated tool. Such a tool has been recently developed at the University of Calgary, called the “FOCI algorithm”. In the proposed internship research project, the intern will first insert the FOCI algorithm into a skeleton provided by Geo-X with the end result being a leading-edge prestack wave equation migration algorithm which can, in laymen’s terms, product accurate images of the earth’s subsurface in the presence of complicated geology. The intern will further assist with assessing this new migration algorithm’s efficacy compared to an existing conventional Geo-X migration algorithm, which also seeks to produce an image of the earth’s subsurface, but which is known to give a less accurate image when the geology is very complex.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael Lamoureux


Wentao Sun


Divestco Inc.




Oil and gas


University of Calgary



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