Formulating and solving the multi-calendar resumable and non-resumable Naval Surface Ship Work Period Problem

This project deals with the development of a new mathematical model and a fast solution method to optimize the multi-calendar naval surface ship refit scheduling problem with resumable and non-resumable operations. The Naval Surface Ship Work Period Problem (NSWPP) is a highly complex resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) with many work orders that are equivalent to small projects. Planning, scheduling, and executing NSWPPs are very challenging, and a large volume of planned and scheduled work is typically never achieved for a variety of reasons such as unexpected discovery of damages, high variability in work scope and duration, unavailability of human resources or equipment, logistical delays.
This project will extend the existing formulations and matheuristic solution methods to the more realistic case of activities following different calendars such as 8-hour shifts 7 days a week and 12-hour shifts 5 days a week. Activities that span the weekend can be allowed to resume on Mondays with or without penalty.

Faculty Supervisor:

Claver Diallo;Alireza Ghasemi


Hyojae Kim


Thales Canada Inc.





Dalhousie University



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