Formulation and Process Optimizations for the Manufacturing of Cannabinoid Nanoemulsions

Coming into force in October 2019, amendments to the Canadian Cannabis Regulations will introduce guidelines governing the legal production and sale of cannabis-infused extracts, edibles, beverages and topicals. These new products are at the forefront of the natural health product (NHP) and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries, but challenges associated with their formulation, production and stability are quickly mounting. Cannabis extracts are poorly water-soluble, unstable towards light and heat, have poor oral bioavailability, and the complex regulatory landscape built for cannabis-infused products sets strict limits on excipients used to remedy these issues. Nanoemulsification has been adopted by the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries to overcome similar challenges with other lipophilic bioactive compounds. This project seeks to develop new nanoemulsion formulations designed for the encapsulation of cannabinoids. The data collected during the project will be used by Peak Processing Solutions to develop next-generation cannabis products with increased bioavailability, stability and consumer satisfaction.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Trant


Abhinandan Banerjee


Peak Processing Solutions


Biochemistry / Molecular biology




University of Windsor



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