Formulation of Environmentally Sustainable Growing Media Using Industrial Waste Streams as Nutritious Amendments

In light of the national emphasis on climate change and clean growth, the federal and provincial governments have set key goals for developing and implementing globally sustainable production and consumption models in ways that improve the environment. The agricultural industries are seeking innovation and new technologies to develop more choices and alternatives in the raw materials for growing media, with considering environmental and economic sustainability as key driver. The proposed project aims to identify new environmentally sustainable and commercially viable materials from industrial waste streams for promising applications as nutritional amendments for an eco-friendly growing media. The partner organization, BlueSky Organics, will benefit from promoting the new sustainable growing media (substrate) materials developed through this research, to further establish in the market and roadmap collaboration/partnership with Canadian agricultural and forest sectors. This will also create more opportunities for the industry to contribute to circular economy agenda by establishing standard practice guidelines for the management and recycling of industrial wastes and by-products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sumi Siddiqua


Ahmed Sharaby


BlueSky Organics






University of British Columbia



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