Formulation scale-up and characterization for a manganese-based contrast agent

To design effective and patient-specific cancer therapy, sensitive detection of relapse and distant metastases by non-invasive medical imaging is essential, for which MRI offers tremendous potential due to wide availability of the equipment in clinic and avoidance of ionizing radiation. Although gadolinium-based contrast agents are the most frequently used for MRI, they are associated with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis and brain deposition. Thus, less toxic manganese ions (Mn2+) are exploited as an alternative for tumor detection using MRI. Yet, the current formulations of Mn2+ cannot provide desirable results due to low tumor uptake after systemic administration. To address the need, Nanology Labs offers a novel manganese-based MRI contrast agent which is able to detect solid tumors and brain metastasis at early stages. In this project we aim at scaling-up the formulation prototyping for scale up industry manufacturing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jeffrey Henderson


Mohammad Amini


Nanology Labs Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology






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