Formulations & Production Methods for Plant-based Salmon Fillet

This project seeks to trial the use of protein inputs from freshwater and marine algae and aquatic plants for use either individually or in various combinations in the formulation of an alternative protein fish product. The specific target species and cut for this product is an Atlantic salmon fillet. Therefore, algal biomass that contains the salmon-coloured pigment astaxanthin or astaxanthin extract on its own may be also trialed as ingredients. Overall, the physical, chemical and gelling properties of the different input materials will be characterized. The project will then explore ways of recreating the distinct structure of a conventional Atlantic salmon fillet by subjecting specific ingredients or formulations to either high-moisture extrusion or directional freezing. This project should help New School Foods understand what inputs and structuring processes should be considered for eventual commercial-scale production of an alternative protein Atlantic salmon fillet.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dérick Rousseau


Auke de Vries


New School Foods Inc






Ryerson University


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