Frequency Domain Waveform Tomography of Crosswell Data



Crosshole tomography using seismic waves is a  useful technique for the mapping of ore containing sulfides between drill holes. The technique uses sound waves generated in one drill hole, and received in a second drillhole. Images are then formed in a manner analogous to medical tomography. However, conventional crosshole tomography does have limitations in the resolution it is able to provide. The aim of this research project is to overcome these limitations and better delineate mineralized zones using seismic crosshole data collected and provided by Vale Inco. Imaging software developed at the University of Western Ontario will be used to enhance the resolution of the images. The imaging approach utilized recorded wave forms in their entirety, as opposed to only using the first arrivals, as with the conventional travel-time approach. High quality images will guide underground exploration and future placement of drill holes, enhancing the productivity of Vale Inco’s operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gerhard Pratt


Devrim Husrevoglu


Vale Inco


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Oil and gas


Western University



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