Fresh Water Geography in Sao Paolo

Fresh water is becoming an increasingly precious resource, and correct management plans are vital to the continued survival of groundwater aquifers and rivers for human use. 2013/2014 was the driest year in São Paulo State, and this drought is still affecting agricultural land use. In parallel with the decreasing water supply, we have an increasing consumption for urban, industrial and agricultural purposes. Part of management involves predicting available freshwater. We are conducting a research project to explore freshwater resources in several locations across São Paulo State. Through the proposed research project, field data such as water flow, climate information, and the influence of land use on water resources will be collected and analyzed in a laboratory. We expect to explore the link between land use, climate, and water resources in a way that will be pertinent to future water management plans in São Paulo State.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maycira Costa


Theresa Dearden



Geography / Geology / Earth science



University of Victoria



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