From Hammers to Homes: a housing development report for Metro Vancouver

The From Hammers to Homes project seeks to engage one masters student intern for two semesters to work with the partners in order to design a new database and conduct a new annual survey to report on improving the quality and transparency of information on the residential development environment in regional Vancouver’s municipalities. The intern will conduct survey, interview, secondary and case study-based research, consultation across the spectrum of interests in housing policy and development issues in metropolitan Vancouver, and will construct and maintain a unique database. The Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association expects to benefit from this project that will help the hands holding the hammers to build the housing that our region needs, recognizing the vital role of a predictable and accountable municipal policy process, not for developers and municipalties to “hammer” each other with problems, but to move residential development in the direction of the public interest, affordability, innovation and sustainability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Meg Holden


Terry Sidhu


Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association


Urban studies


Management of companies and enterprises


Simon Fraser University



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