From incubator to money maker: An investigation of entrepreneurial founding teams

The current project seeks to develop an understanding of the process of startup organization process by examining the individual, team, and contextual characteristics that will lead to the success of a startup organization. Despite the importance of each variable, most of the literature has focused on individual characteristics, ignoring the importance of the team as a whole and the context of the organization. The goal of this internship is to create an evidence-based assessment tool that will evaluate a startup based on the aforementioned characteristics. In addition, we are aware that startup organizations are not static in nature; rather, they are dynamics organizations that are constantly evolving as their meet their goal of becoming an operating business. This project will therefore take a temporal approach to assessing startup organization’s needs by identifying differences stages in the startup process and identifying which characteristics are most important at each stage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hayden Woodley


Julia McMenamin


Startup Zone








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