From trees to bluebirds: the communication of conservation on Vancouver Island

The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) is a non-government organization that endeavours to inform the public of their scientific findings and conservation goals. Social media has been used for conservation outreach, but the role of the public in sharing tweets and posts can have mixed effects. What information are shared by the public can either further share scientific information, maintain false information in the public sphere, or be ignored without any uptake. This research will help to measure impact of social media posts, and inform communication methods more engaging to the public. The project scope is to analyze Facebook posts and Tweets, give recommendations and develop a communications plan that will assist GOERT in improving their public outreach. By understanding how science information is effectively spread through social media, we will be able to apply it to increase support for conservation efforts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chaseten Remillard


Alina Fisher


Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team


Cultural studies


Digital media


Royal Roads University



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