Frontline organizations and emergency planning in the COVID-19 pandemic

Emergencies in inner-city neighbourhoods come in many forms—illness, fire, violence, homelessness. The COVID-19 pandemic is a different kind of emergency. It is a global crisis, and requires unprecedented changes to everyday life to protect all members of society. COVID-19 has highlighted many long-standing gaps in access to basic needs and has expanded understandings of basic necessities for survival. While frontline organizations are well-placed to address local emergencies, the all-encompassing nature of the pandemic requires new strategies. Focusing on Winnipeg’s inner city, this research asks how community-based and frontline organizations can be ready to continue to deal with the everyday crises of life in vulnerable neighbourhoods, while also responding to the extraordinary challenge of the COVID-19 emergency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sarah Cooper


Justin Grift


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives





University of Manitoba



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