Full-scale testing of a liquid cooling system for electric vehicle inverters

It is critical that on-board power electronic components of electric vehicle inverters operate within optimal temperature ranges. Failure to accomplish this results in overheating, oversizing and degradation of electronic components. Moreover, reduced efficiency and motor drive performance will have significant economical impacts on global automakers. This research will further contribute to developing a new thermal management system incorporating impinging-jet-based technology with liquid cooling, for improved heat transfer capabilities; a current prototype had been tested. This investigation will continue with a full-scale model and improved testing facility. A new method of supplying power, emulating electrical switches, will be implemented with the application of cartridge heaters and heater blocks. The objective is to fabricate the full-scale model and testing platform, conduct a comprehensive full-scale test and evaluate performance of the impinging-jet liquid cooling technology at various driving conditions. Favourable outcomes may lead to commercialization, enabling electric vehicles to operate with improved efficiency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ram Balachandar


Corey Klinkhamer




Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


University of Windsor



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