Functional Proteomics to Inform Targeted Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer

To ensure effective cancer treatment, it is vital to match the drug with the molecular characteristics of the patient’s tumor. This research project is focused on developing functional diagnostic assays that may be used eventually in the clinic to stratify patients for targeted therapies. The project will provide a unique opportunity for the interns to work with a clinician at the forefront of cancer treatment and scientists of a partner organization that is developing innovative tools to enable precision cancer medicine. This project will generate unprecedented insights into the pathogenesis of cancer progression and therapeutic resistance and provide a foundation for translation of innovative proteomic technologies into transformative new approaches for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, this project will provide the proof-of-concept for the partnering organization for the eventual translation of its innovative technologies to the clinic to benefit patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anthony Nichols


Xuguang Liu


Precision Proteomics Inc


Visual arts


Medical devices




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