Further on the design and fabrication of a novel and passive hand tremor attenuator

Parkinson’s disease is most highly recognized by tremors of the hands that occur in those afflicted with the disease. Though the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease involving motor function begin with very slight tremors of the hands, they further develop into issues such as difficulty swallowing, severe postural problems and extremely limited mobility. In this proposal, a method of reducing these tremors that appear during the early stages of the disease is developed by creating a wearable passive device that reduces vibrations of the hand and arm through the use of magnetic actuators. The proposed wearable technology has surpassed other known alternatives in selected testing scenarios while possessing a light weight of only 120 grams.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hadi Mohammadi


Steven Kimanzi


Steadiwear Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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