Gait analysis and training in older adults using Microsoft Kinect.

Falling is a significant risk to older adults with approximately 30% of those over 65 years at risk of falling. Advances in portable motion sensor technology such as the Microsoft Kinect have recently been used to detect basic measures of human walking gait. The objective of this internship is to determine the gait measures acquired with the Kinect version 2 sensor which are the most characteristic of fallers and assist in the development of an interactive software for assessment and training of gait and balance in older adults. The overarching aim of this internship is to work collaboratively with Jintronix and the Motion and Mobility Rehabilitation Laboratory to develop a Kinect-based system that will provide balance and gait assessment as well as intervention modules all aimed at reducing the incidence of falls in the older adult population. This work will provide a platform for expansion into other clinical populations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marc Klimstra


Drew Commandeur




Physics / Astronomy


Medical devices


University of Victoria



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