Gait and Balance Parameters Inferred with the PROTXX Head Accelerometer (Phase 2)

The vestibular organs detect head movement and are involved in the coordination of standing balance. With balance problems being a common and expensive healthcare cost internationally, there is a growing need for new diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices that target vestibular balance function. In particular, a wearable device that could be used outside the clinic could provide a convenient, low-cost alternative. Here we explore the feasibility of integrating Electrical Vestibular Stimulation (EVS) – a relatively new technique for probing vestibular- specific balance function – with the commercially available head motion sensor from PROTXX. The wearable technology we are co-developing will enable frequent, accurate, and mobile assessments of vestibular function, as well as provide a novel therapeutic approach for enhancing balance control in patients at risk of falling (analogous to a vestibular prosthetic).

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Peters


Christopher James Banman






Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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