Gather: Testing and upscaling a Referrals Management Tool

There are currently no effective free, open-source tools in place to facilitate the resource management referral process at the community-level in British Columbia, Canada. There is a clear need to research, design, develop, implement, and evaluate tools and mechanisms that could streamline the duty to consult between government, proponents and First Nation communities, as well as facilitate the management and decision-making relating to the referral process. This proposed project will build on work completed over the past two years that, together with community partners, has successfully designed and programmed a community referrals tool called Gather. We will: develop training materials; deliver training workshops; evaluate Gather’s usability during these workshops; improve the cultural appropriateness and functionality of Gather from the community evaluations; and develop and implement marketing and sustainability plans in order to make Gather a viable open source tool for Canadian First Nations in the long-term.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jon Corbett


Aaron Derrickson


The Firelight Group


Cultural studies


Professional, scientific and technical services




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