GCS (Ground Control Station) Ergonomic Research

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are known to have the ability to acquire large amounts of data from on-board devices such as sensors and cameras during flight. Majority of the data is typically stored on-board during a flight mission while a small amount of important data is transmitted to the Ground Control Station (GCS) over available communication links. The main role of the GCS is to control and monitor the UAV in flight, streaming a live video from the UAV cameras, and uploading new mission commands and setting parameters. Presagis is a global provider of commercial off-the-shelf advanced software tools for development of graphical interfaces for mission-critical avionics and embedded displays for UAVs. Using the available high-fidelity Presagis modeling, simulation and visualization software, the proposed project will improve the ergonomic of the existing GCS development tools and provide support for retrieving, verifying and analysis of data from highly sophisticated custom devices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joon Chung


Taiwo Amida


Presagis Canada Inc


Aerospace studies


Aerospace and defense


Ryerson University



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