Gelatin coated self-made manganese dioxide as cathode material in aqueous rechargeable zinc-ion battery

Aqueous rechargeable zinc ion battery is a competitive candidate for the energy storage system. Compared to lithium ion battery, it has several advantages: high safety, high energy density, low cost and environmental friendliness. From many cathode materials, manganese dioxide (MnO2) has been widely used because of the low cost, abundant resource and environment friendly features. With the MnO2 cathode, the battery will have high discharging capacity. Furthermore, if MnO2 is coated with gelatin, which is a kind of non-toxic biological macromolecule, the battery will be further stabilized and have longer cycle life. In our study, we will try to figure out at what percentage of the gelatin, the battery will have the best performance. Outcomes of this research will enable the partner organization to reduce production costs, increase the company’s profits, increase the size of the market and further increase the compatibility of the company itself within the energy industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pu Chen


Qiuyu Shi


Enerclean Technology Ltd


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Waterloo



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