Generating Large-scale Schrödinger Cat States and Exploring the Quantum to Classical Boundary

Although quantum mechanics is arguably the most successful physics theory, its implications still challenge our understanding of nature. Indeed, many of the predictions it makes on the outcome of experiments appear to be at odds with our daily experiences. For example, in quantum mechanics the proverbial Schrödinger’s Cat can be both dead and alive at the same time. This superposition state can never be observed in macroscopic scales mainly because of decoherence introduced by the environment. Recent progresses in building systems with long coherence lifetimes make it possible to study the borderline of classical and quantum worlds. In this project we will use rubidium atoms coupled to superconducting cavities with a very high quality factor. The very long lifetimes of this system allows us to generate large-scale Schrödinger Cat states. These states shed light on the dynamics of decoherence process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Houde


Fereshteh Rajabi



Physics / Astronomy



Western University



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