Generation Z: Understanding Canada’s Newest Youth Generation

The differences among today’s multiple generations of workers, such as Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials have received a great amount of attention from the media, business best-sellers and academic researchers. Much of the recent existing research has documented perceived and observed characteristics of the millennial generation (those born in the 1908s and after), who are said to differ from preceding generations in their perspectives on work and life in general. There is little agreement on the end date of the millennial generation, raising speculation about the generation that follows them (tentatively referred to as “Generation Z”): When did this generation begin? How are they different from Millennials? How will they approach their careers and working lives?. This study will investigate trends in the characteristics, expectations, values, attitudes and behaviors of Canada’s youngest adults to determine if and how they differ from Millennials. This will establish generational trends for the future and an appropriate cut-off point between them and Millennials. The information we gather will help educators, employers and governments better understand and react to emerging generational trends.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sean Lyons


Joshua Leblanc


Lovell Corporation






University of Guelph



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