Genes to affordable medicines – Stream 1-A1

The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) is a not-for-profit public-private partnership research organization that aims to accelerate the discovery of new medicines through open science. This Mitacs cluster will bring together SGC’s industry and academic collaborators to work together towards new and affordable medicines for challenging diseases. Sixty-three post-doctoral fellows will spend 2-3 years developing open source tools and knowledge for previously understudied proteins, thereby unlocking new areas of biology and identifying new opportunities for drug discovery. SGC’s spin-offs, the M4 companies, will be the vehicles to translate this knowledge into new medicines for rare and challenging diseases that have been excluded from traditional pharma company programs. The M4 companies are committed to open science and sharing, and to affordable pricing to ensure patients can access the new drugs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cheryl Arrowsmith;Jinrong Min;Masoud Vedadi;Matthieu Schapira;Dalia Barsyte-Lovejoy;Mark Lautens;Alexandre Gagnon


Saba Dehghani-Tafti


Structural Genomics Consortium




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