Genome Sequencing and analysis of two bacteria for applications to biofuel wastes


The project will investigate the genomes of two naturally occurring bacteria. These bacteria are of interest because they can convert the wastes from biodiesel and bioethanol production into valuable compounds. This is novel in comparison to other bacteria used for similar processes because these bacteria are generally regarded as safe, naturally occurring, and contain no genetic modifications. By sequencing and analyzing the genomes of these two bacteria, we hope to gain further insights into how these bacteria work, how we can use them in industrial scale applications, and what other applications they might be useful for. The partnering organization will benefit from this project through increased capability for technological innovation and development with the potential for future job creation through eventual application of these organisms in industrial settings. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Takuji Tanaka


Doug Grahame


Contango Strategies Ltd.




Environmental industry


University of Saskatchewan



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