Geochemical implications of soil covers for oil sands sulfide tailings

Recent studies have highlighted the need to investigate potential for acid generation and metal(loid)s release froth treatment tailings generated at oil sands mining operations. In addition to residual hydrocarbons, froth treatment tailings contain minerals that make them geochemically distinct from sulfide-bearing tailings generated at metal-mining operations. The proposed research will integrate field studies, laboratory experiments, and modelling to investigate the geochemical implications of potential reclamation approaches for froth treatment tailings. Research findings will help advance understanding of the geochemical behaviour of these tailings under different reclamation scenarios, which will guide reclamation efforts at oil sands mining operations. In turn, this research will allow SRK Consulting to improve its environmental consulting services for oil sands operators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Matt Lindsay


Jorge Eduardo Marquez Escobedo


SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Saskatchewan



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