GEOIMPACT: Geophysical study of mid-size impact structures

The GEOIMPACT project aims to study several meteorite impact craters in Canada by using geophysical methods (for example seismic waves, electricity or magnetism). In the Solar System, meteorite impact craters are the most abundant morphologic features on rocky bodies (planets, asteroids) such as the Moon and Mars. However, the Earth has only about 180 known impact craters, most of them being either highly eroded by past tectonic and climatic processes, or buried. Therefore non-destructive geophysical methods that probe the subsurface are particularly suitable for studying such structures, and few studies using such methods have been done in the past. Thus, the present project will allow researchers to conduct an important field-based geological and geophysical survey on craters of the Canadian High Arctic. Geological interpretations of new data will help to better understand the currently available lowresolution geophysical signals over similar impact structures on other planets (Moon, Mars).

Faculty Supervisor:

Gordon Osinski


William Zylberman



Geography / Geology / Earth science



Western University



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