Geologically-constrained geophysical inversions for resource expansion of the diamondiferous Renard kimberlite property

Diamond-bearing kimberlites are enigmatic deposits due to their complex volcanic plumbing systems and variable preservation. Although geophysical methods are well established and effective exploration techniques, they require independent and costly constraints (e.g., drilling) to limit the number of plausible targets. There is thus a clear need to enhance interpretation of geophysical data to optimize target determination. Two earlier projects showed that 3D geologically-constrained geophysical modeling, with even simple pipe geometries, effectively reproduces the observed anomalies above Stornoway Diamond’s Renard kimberlite pipes. To further optimise this methodology, we propose to evaluate and prioritize for drilling all untested geophysical anomalies in a 320 km2 block of the Renard property. This will coincide with an extensive exploration drilling campaign throughout the property. This study will thus put into practice a novel, cost effective methodology in a real-time exploration setting with the goal of expanding the resource of the Renard property.

Faculty Supervisor:

Glyn Williams-Jones


Jeffrey Zurek


Stornoway Diamond Corporation


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources




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