Geomorphic Principles used in Natural Channel Design: The State of River Restoraiton in Southern Ontario


The goal of this project is to describe the current state of river restoration practice, focusing on the application of geomorphic principles utilized in the design process, in the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) in Ontario, Canada.  The proposed research will review design drawings, supporting documentation and other relevant data.  In addition to providing an inventory of the geomorphic principles used in the design process project constraints, objectives and monitoring results will also be noted.  The inventory generated through this project will provide practitioners with an understanding of what approaches are used in the TRCA and a baseline from which improvements in the implementation of geomorphic principles in river restoration design can be made.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Pete Ashmore


Nina Sampson


Geomorphic Solutions (Sernas Group Inc.)


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Construction and infrastructure


Western University



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