Getting to Groundbreaking (G2G) Year 3 Focus on Hi-Rise

The Gettingg to Groundbreaking project 2015-16 seeks to engage two masters student interns for Sept 2015-June 2016 in order to complete original research into the home building policy and process applicable to high-rise developments in municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region and Abbotsford The interns will conduct survey, interview, secondary and case studyba. sed research, consultation across the spectrum of interests in housing policy and development issues, and will construct and maintain a unique database, for a third annual iteration of this study. The Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association and member companies engaged in this project expect to benefit from this project through greater predictability and accountability of the municipal residential approvals process that the research supports.

Faculty Supervisor:

Meg Holden


Sophie Fung


Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association


Urban studies


Construction and infrastructure


Simon Fraser University



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