Getting to Work: Investigating Labour Market Challenges in Saugeen Shores, Ontario

How do you support the fastest growing municipality in a largely rural region as it works through its growing pains? What happens in a rapidly growing community that’s been recognized as one of the best places to live as it tries to keep up with labour demands, changing demographics, and challenges to the enabling infrastructure that support a strong labour market and economic development? This research focuses on understanding the implications of the unique labour market dynamics of a rural region in transition through a case-study of Saugeen Shores, Ontario. With better understanding, businesses and community leadership can better address the challenges and opportunities emerging from changing demographics and economies. The outcomes of this research will benefit local and regional stakeholders, including Bruce Power, to build enhanced economic strategic plans that target key issues in the local labour market – an area of evidence-based research that remains an area of significant focus for business, government, and rural development researchers and practitioners across Canada and around the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Gibson


S. Ashleigh Weeden


Bruce Power


Environmental sciences




University of Guelph



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