Global Special Interest Group (SIG) on Early Identification and Intervention in Autism

The project title is the Global Special Interest Group (SIG) on Early Identification and Intervention in Autism. Formed in 2012, the aim of this project is to enhance research impact in diverse communities through the iterative and dynamic process of knowledge translation: the synthesis, dissemination, exchange, and application of knowledge to improve quality of life for people affected by autism. The SIG is a knowledge translation network which brings together over 100 researchers, clinicians, and advocates from over 20 countries. The SIG was formed under the umbrella of the International Society for Autism Research, the largest professional organization in this area. The activities support global linkage and exchange by initiating dialogue, identifying knowledge gaps, barriers, and action priorities in autism early identification and intervention. All activities use a common toolbox that we developed and tested. The toolbox includes a review of evidence in a focus area, participant surveys to capture the experience and perspectives of researchers and practitioners in different parts of the world, obtaining expert input to address the themes identified, and finally, hosting a dialogue session (a meeting or online workshop) to build consensus and support the development of recommendations for practice and policy. Results of the surveys are analyzed and submitted for publication in a research journal and a report is prepared and sent to participants.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mayada Elsabbagh


Ingrid Fabiane Simoes Monteiro






McGill University



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