GPN-EMV: Emulation and visualization of game private networks and game servers performance

Proprietary technology developed by WTFast allows global network services to distribute and manage the load for massive multiplayer games despite their logically centralized architecture. In the proposed project, we plan to evaluate this architecture and the potential for predictability and scalability of the server and ”arbiter” components. Another goal is to utilize the infrastructure created by WTFast as the framework on which to test and build game server software that can optimize and monitor WTFast game services in real time. This infrastructure will allow new servers to be automatically deployed and configured for use as private game servers, while also monitoring their performance and usage statistics. By developing new innovative predictive models, new servers may be automatically added when traffic levels require more resources to maintain optimal performance. The tests will also serve to identify the capacity of the game servers and their host virtual machines in terms of the number of players they can support.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ljiljana Trajkovic


Zane Ouimet






Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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