Graduating from the Integrated Periphery: Turkey’s Attempt to Becomea “Core” Automotive Nation and Its Implications for Non-CoreAutomotive-Producing Countries like Canada

The automotive industry contributes significantly to the Canadian economy as well as to the economies of many other countries, providing substantial employment opportunities. In recent decades, the sector has gone through
significant restructuring with some countries like Canada unable to prevent declining employment and production figures. The general strategy of policymakers in Canada has been to provide incentives to firms that manufacture
or conduct R&D activities in the country, but this has not brought growth to the industry. This project aims to explore the strategies deployed by Turkey with regard to the development of a new domestic electric vehicle under the brand ‘TOGG’ and draw an lessons for the Canadian stakeholders as well as for other automotive-producing nations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Greig Mordue


Erman Sener


Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing




Information and cultural industries


McMaster University



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