Graphene-like-carbon coatings for thermal applications

The focus of this project is focused on developing thermal transport coatings, which makes use of a new proprietary graphene-like material developed by 3M Canada. The need for improved thermal transport coating is important to numerous optoelectronic applications, photovoltaics and in particular the semiconductor industry as computing power continues to increase. The proposed research will occur at the University of Western Ontario and the 3M Canada in London, Ontario. Specifically, the research will look at using a variety of different promising materials blended with the graphene-like material developed by 3M Canada. This will allow for a greater range and combinations of desirable film properties. Also, methods for the fabrication of films desired thickness and properties will be developed by tuning the nanoscale structure of these films. This work should help in developing several different lines of thermal transport coatings, where different types of films with various grades of properties can be sold at a given price point for different applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Giovanni Fanchini


Sergey Dedyulin


3M Canada


Physics / Astronomy




Western University



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