Graphene-like-carbon coatings for water purification

3M Purification is a commercial leader in water purification components and systems. Currently, the company is in the strong need of developing new water filtration and purification solutions in the area of divalent cation membranes. It is proposed that this membranes will be fabricated out of graphene-based materials fabricated using technology that has been developed in previous work by the intern in partnership with the same academic group and supervisor selected for this project. The MITACS Accelerate postdoctoral fellow that will be supported in the framework of this proposal will help to bring new products to market in this space. If the proposal will be successful not only that 3M Canada’s product folio can be expanded, but also, as a global company, the 3M group can address, using products made in Canada, the needs of a larger global market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Giovanni Fanchini


Paul Bazylewski


3M Canada


Physics / Astronomy




Western University



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