Graphics Processing Unit Solutions for Power Systems Computer Aided Design: Collaborative Exploration with the University of Winnipeg

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are usually employed to quickly render images on everyday computer screens, and do so quickly and efficiently for relatively little cost. Modern GPUs are able to do hundreds or thousands of simultaneous calculations; rewriting conventional computer problems in the language of GPUs offers the potential to dramatically decrease the computing time for complex problems such as Electromagnetic Transmission (EMT) simulations. EMTs are used in the modelling of electrical systems with multiple generators and transmission lines, and are at the heart of power engineering software. This project will focus on how to integrate the power of GPUs into established software for EMTs, with the aim of providing power engineers around the globe with a cutting-edge tool to help them design ever greater electrical systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chris Bidinosti


Brad Cownden


Manitoba Hydro International Ltd


Physics / Astronomy






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