Great Lakes phosphorus project

The intern will be a member of a team that will look at nutrient strategies for the Great Lakes. The intern will be responsible for collecting research dealing with legislation, policies and programs that deal with the reduction of phosphorus (and other nutrients) in the Great Lakes. The intern will help identify documents and experts and agencies that are relevant to this goal. From this the intern will contribute to creating a plan on how to proceed with existing and also proposing legislation, program and policies dealing with phosphorus management in Great Lakes. Furthermore the intern will be responsible for creating deliverables including a presentation for agencies that are responsible for the Great Lakes Nutrient Initiative. The expected benefit for Intersol is to get scientific expertise and consulting in regards to nutrient loading and environmental policy. Intersol will expect to benefit from the interns research skills in both science and policy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Frances Pick & Scott Findlay


Andrew Kadykalo


Intersol Group




Environmental industry


York University



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