Green Codes: Alternative Means of Approval when Building Green in Non-Charter Municipalities

Given tre extraordinary natural resources used for the construction, operation and demolition of buildings and the extensive impact that buildings have on natural cycles and the environment, there is an urgent need to shift towards greener buildings. In Canada, regulation presents obstacles to building green. This project will investigate the building code variances used in the top performing green buildings constructed in non-charter municipalities. Since non-charter municipalities have limited legal authority to make policy exemptions for green building compared to Charter cities like Vancouver and Toronto, this project will examine the alternative building code approvals used to construct green buildings these jurisdictions. In doing so, best practices will be aggrega;ed and shared among green building practitioners to facilitate uptake and construction of high performing buildings in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sean Markey


Julia Fryer


SFU Community Trust


Environmental sciences




Simon Fraser University



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