Green logistics planning for hydrogen fuel network: a life cycle analysis approach

The energy sector accounts for 75% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By adopting a low-carbon or clean fuel alternative, we can reduce GHG emissions to a great extent. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been identified as a major opportunity to reduce GHG emissions compared to fossil fuels, yet the distribution of hydrogen remains a challenge due to multiple processes involved in the distribution and production of green hydrogen from methanol, Azolla Hydrogen is an organization that accelerates the adoption of clean fuels and has technology that uses methanol as the hydrogen carrier which generates hydrogen, on-demand, at the local level, circumventing many of the logistical challenges. Thus, an optimal resource planning by analyzing the life-cycle inputs, outputs, and distribution models to provide recommendations for Azolla to support their hydrogen fueling stations in Alberta, and/or California can create a successful industrial example that strides towards a more sustainable, circular carbon economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fredrik Odegaard


Sudipendra Nath Roy


Azolla Hydrogen Ltd.






Western University



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