Green technology for the derivation of pharmaceutically important compounds from marine invertebrates and subsequent development of platform for controlled drug delivery

Some species of marine invertebrates are rich source of diverse bioactive molecules with variety of therapeutic properties including immunostimulatory, anticancer and antimicrobial. This research aims to develop an integrated process for the sequential extraction and fractionation of pharmaceutically important from a selected marine invertebrates using supercritical carbon dioxide. The newly developed process will be a greener alternative to the conventional extraction methods and eliminate/reduce the use of toxic organic solvents, employed in the conventional process. Our proposed approach will also address the concern over the presence of residual solvents in pharmaceutical products. The goal also extends to fabrication of novel hydrogel for controlled drug delivery using the components present in marine invertebrates. This project will result in generating fundamental knowledge and development of green technology in the area of natural products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Azadeh Kermanshahi-pour


Jianan Lin






Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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