Green Technology – the Role the Municipal Government Can Play

Despite being in a natural environment for success, Vancouver’s green technology industry has yet to take‐off. The Vancouver Economic Development commission, as part of its mandate, is seeking ways to help existing businesses and make policy recommendations to the City of Vancouver with regards to the green technology sector. The research project being undertaken focuses on determining the key opportunities for the green technology industry in Vancouver at the municipal level. How can municipal standards, procurement, and government programs be leveraged to provide opportunities for local companies to demonstrate and deploy their solutions? In order to undertake this assessment, the intern must also provide an understanding of what the green technology industry and market look like in Vancouver. The intern will engage in various methods to complete the project: desk-based research, interviews, and roundtable forums. The VEDC will use the results of the study as a basis for commencing further discussion in formulating both an economic analysis and its recommendations to the city.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. James Tansey


Jeetesh Rup


Vancouver Economic Development Commission




Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia



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