Groundwork for Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Development

Nalcor Energy is in the planning stages of the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project, expected to cost between $ 6 and 9 billion dollars. Due to the scale (over 2800 MW) and potential lifespan of this project, consideration needs to be made about the effects of climate change on the available water in the Churchill River. This internship is the jumping off point for a working relationship between Memorial University of Newfoundland and Nalcor Energy. The intern will also travel to Nalcor’s existing hydroelectric generation facility, which lies within the same river system, to gather historical meteorological, geographical and operational data that is needed for effective modeling. In parallel with this, the intern will be developing a working knowledge of UNIX and FORTRAN as well as exploring additional research opportunities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ken Snelgrove


Jonas Roberts


Nalcor Energy






Memorial University of Newfoundland



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