Growing Canadian Cleantech: Improving Seaforth Energy’s access to the Indian small scale wind turbine market


Seaforth Energy is seeking to expand its small wind turbine business to the rapidly growing Indian market where ‘off-grid’ sustainable energy solutions are needed. In order to assess the feasibility of such an endeavor, this research project will examine the current Indian renewable energy policy and investment climate. However, Seaforth’s success in penetrating this market will ultimately depend on its ability to partner with Indian wind companies that can help distribute it’s products in that jurisdiction. Therefore, this study also seeks to identify the best mechanism for doing so. This presents opportunities for both technology and idea transfers, which can help Canadian cleanech continue to grow and address energy security and climate change concerns.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michelle Adams


Darryl MacKenzie


Seaforth Energy


Resources and environmental management


Alternative energy


Dalhousie University



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