Growth, characterization and performance evolution of nitridenanowire photocatalyst for energy conversion

The splitting of water into its constituents i.e. hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight is one of the key sustainable energy technologies to enable clean, storable and renewable source of energy. Additionally, the more efficient oxidation of such fuels in lower cost fuel cells enable the broader potential use of such solar fuels in many applications. Here we propose to develop high quality group III-nitride nanowire photocatalyst for efficient and stable solar water splitting using advanced growth, structural and optical characterization techniques. Additionally, we propose to use the same nanowire platform to develop highly active cocatalyst for efficient fuel oxidation. Because of the extremely high surface area, such nanowires will further be investigated to achieve highly sensitive detection of various physical, biological and chemical activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zetian Mi


Mohammed Faqrul Alam Chowdhury


Lumenfab Nanotechnologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




McGill University



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