Gulo Gulo Vision-based navigation for autonomous vehicles

The Gulo Gulo project objective is to improve the navigation algorithm utilized by the onboard motion sensors of AV/CVs to achieve positioning accuracy of less than 1% of the distance travelled with standalone INS solutions. The standalone solution will be aided with visions sensors (camera, LIDAR and RADAR) in addition to integrated system fusion with AI HD map-aiding visual odometry solution.
The solution will be 5G ready so that, in the future, the whole computation effort can be done on the cloud and will not depend on powerful local GPUs.
Utilizing the intern’s research and development efforts in navigation and HD mapping, the partner organization , METI, will be able to achieve the project objectives, attract business partners, expand to and compete within the automotive industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yang Gao


Mohamed Moussa


Micro Engineering Tech Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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