Handling of statistical heterogeneity in meta-analyses of observational studies on treatment comparative effectiveness

For some diseases, several treatments are available and it is therefore necessary to compare their effectiveness. When several studies have been published on such comparison, it is becoming common practice to combine the results through a method called meta-analysis. Combining results is however challenging owing to differences in populations and methodologies between studies. Not to consider such difference may invalidate the results. Although methods are available to take into consideration differences between individual studies included in the meta-analysis, they are not always followed when combining the results. The intern will review meta-analysis on the comparison between treatments that have been undertaken in the past 5 years and determine if differences between studies were handled appropriately. For the partner organization, this project will further the methodological expertise and know-how.

Faculty Supervisor:

Grégoire Leclair


Jean-François Nepveu


Yola Rx Consultants


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




Université de Montréal



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