Harrison River Watershed Salmon Habitat Restoration Assessment

Many of the Harrison River tributaries no longer support historic levels of salmon productivity because of barriers to fish passage, loss of in-stream structural complexity, and ingress of invasive species. The Sts’ailes Fisheries Group has identified the need for an investigation of the historic and current stream characteristic to identify future fisheries restoration opportunities along the Harrison River. This watershed requires a large-scale, holistic, and proactive approach to planning, management, and restoration activities to improve salmon productivity. This Project will work with local First Nations and stakeholders to develop a novel, comprehensive screening tool and interactive database on the ecological state of the watershed related to regional fish productivity. This screening tool will be used to identify economically feasible and culturally valuable ecological restoration efforts that can maximize fisheries values over time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott Harrison


Tyne Roberts


Sts'ailes Development Corporation


Environmental sciences


Fisheries and wildlife


British Columbia Institute of Technology



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