Have You Eaten Any Fish Today? Understanding Why Canadians Don’t Eat Canada’s Food Guide Recommended Two Servings Per Week

BC seafood companies and their industry association partners are strongly interested in growing domestic markets for seafood and promoting their locally caught and raised seafood products, which fit well with a number of current North American food trends including local food, a growing focus on diets promoting healthy lifestyles and an increasingly older adult demographic with an interest in consuming high quality, nutrient rich, and often health promoting and disease preventing foods, like seafood. However, most people, including in Canada, are simply not already eating the amount of fish recommended by government health agencies and other health organizations; and there has been minimal research investigating why. This project will involve research into understanding determinants of seafood as a food choice that will provide relevant and targeted information to BC’ seafood sector which may be used to develop better seafood marketing approaches in order to help improve domestic seafood sales.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Grant Murray


Kelsey Wolff


BC Salmon Farmers Association




Fisheries and wildlife




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