Having a pulse for the group: An app-based approach to collecting multiple time-point longitudinal data

The goal of the project is to evaluate and refine an app-based questionnaire that provides a multi-faceted assessment of the social dynamics and culture of teams and organizations. This partnership and multi-phase project with VictoryLab involves (a) systematically examining and refining their questionnaire items to ensure their app-based assessment tool provides valid and reliable insights into the group dynamics of organizations and teams, and (b) conducting interviews with end-users of the app to understand ways to optimize the information shared with them through the app. A key goal will be to work in collaboration with VictoryLab to ensure the end-users of the application receive evidence-informed feedback about the current areas of strength within a team and opportunities for improvement. In addition to offering a novel opportunity for assess and track the social dynamics within teams across multiple time points, the development of a psychometrically sound app-based assessment tool will empower users with data-driven insights into how to manage team dynamics and, ultimately, enrich their individual group members’ experiences.

Faculty Supervisor:

Luc Martin


Kelsey Saizew






Medical devices




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